Hi. Thank you for stopping in. My name is Sean and I am the owner of PS Apparel. I started out screen printing over five years ago primarily to create an apparel brand that pointed to the light of the world (John 8:12). I've honed in the craft over the years and as is the case with many apparel creators I started getting requests from others to do their shirts. Now with the apparel line launched, fast forward to today, I have grown organically into a custom screen printing shop that services my local community and the greater Sacramento area. I take pride in my craft and I want your brand to look amazing also! I work with only the best products and inks so you too will get the same quality and care I would put into my own clothing brand.

Prodigal Son Apparel

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    If you have a concept and need someone to help bring it to life, ask about our graphic design. We offer custom rates to meet your needs. Call 916-542-8211 or email psapparel@gmail.com to discuss your ideas.

  • Custom Leather Patches

    Imagine your logo or brand engraved on authentic veg-tanned leather. Then stained, treated, and stitched on the hat of your choice. Many shapes and sizes available. Get a quote today.

  • Online Order Forms

    Do you have a school that needs spirit-wear? Or do you need to take on per-orders merchandise for your event? We can create you online ordering forms complete with mock-ups and integrated checkout. Let us handle the headache for your organization.

  • Choosing the right ink

    We offer three types of inks when it comes to screen printing on garments. Plastisol, water-based, and discharge inks. Each with their own unique benefits. Check out this link Got Ink? to learn more. I'll help walk you thru the different types of inks and their applications so you have a better understanding and can make a confident decision. You can always feel free to call to discuss which ink might be best for your needs.

  • Shop local

    Iron sharpens iron! As does community builds a stronger community. Sure, you could go for the seemingly easier path of finding a big box online production company. You might even think you'll save a few bucks. But there is reason why their products might seem cheaper then your local craftsman. The answer is simple... Quality and Care.

    Check out these 10 reasons to shop local.

  • Pantone color matching

    Do you have a specific color need? Not a problem, we've got you covered. We can match and mix your specific color need using our Fusion Mixing System. Just give us your Pantone color number and we'll mix it in house to keep your brand on point. If you don't have the Pantone number, just reach out and we'll use our Pantone swatch book to match your color.

Add a little more excitement to your event by turning the fun dial up from a 10 to an 11! Ask about our LIVE SCREEN PRINTING experience. Contact us for more details.